Trump and Lebron



Something’s Happenin’ Here — Stephen Stills


The Irony.


Change comes in mysterious ways. And Donald Trump is about to find out how much of life is beyond his control.


Liberal friends depressed over the election and the last 250 days just can’t understand how this all happened. And why the guy remains in office. So they join the hunt for beating Trump.


Raising money, finding candidates, IMPEACHMENT, Indictment, Robert Mueller. Why Can’t Congress do its job? Why can’t Democrats field a good candidate? Will Bernie run again?


And all of this plays right into the Trump model. Break the system by defying it. Throw presidential norms out the window. Stick with your 38 percent base and fire them up every chance you get. I was ready to say he will coast to re-election.


And then along came Lebron James and Steph Curry. Incredible how few people in politics know these two guys. But they could be Trump’s undoing.


Most athletes choose not to endanger their brand by making political statements. (Looking at you Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.)


But Curry and James have brands so powerful and fans so loyal, that they now have the power to speak their mind. Curry said he would not go to the White House to be honored for winning the NBA title. When Trump dis-invited him, James called Trump a “bum.’’ And when asked by sportswriters whether he would take it back, James didn’t flinch. Here’s the tape.


So while the political class tries to be polite about Trump, Lebron James tells a truth right out of his neighborhood in Akron, Ohio.


Robert Mueller digs deep and may indict bit players like Paul Manafort. But it is power players like James and Curry – cultural icons – who have the ability to bring down a racist president.


The irony.