Scott Skinner – American/Vermonter

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Seems I chat a lot with new Americans or non-Americans these days about our president, our standing in the world and what it’s like to be an American.

I think from now on, I will just give them the obituary of Scott Skinner. Ignore all the BS on TV about tough guy patriots and just read this. He helped others. He cared about his family. He created organizations. Secured passage of legislation that improved society. Ran for office. Volunteered in his community.

Here is the obit:

I will miss chatting about Lawrenceville football and our favorite coach – Ken Keuffel.

When you go about your day and realize that you live in a place with clean/water, honest politics, subsidized dental care and a host of other wonderful attributes, say a thank you to Scott Skinner. American/Vermonter.