Impeachment – Part 1

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As usual, David Leonhardt of The Times does it better than I can. So I post it below. In short, he urges us to get past our anger at the election, our disagreement with Trump policies and our distaste for him personally and what he has wrought of our government. Instead, focus on the crimes that violate the law and Constitution.  Everything else is a distraction. To wit:

  1. Using the presidency for personal enrichment. (Emoluments clause/Saudis in hotels)
  2.  Obstruction of Justice. (Flynn investigation and Mueller)
  3. Violation of federal campaign laws. (Michael Cohen and payoffs)
  4. Subversion of democracy. (Tearing down democratic institutions)

If nothing else, reading the piece below might just get you to read the Constitution again. From there, go to Madison in the Federalist and you will have earned your citizenship for another month.

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